Green tea, the tea that makes your heart happy.

Green tea, the tea that makes your heart happy.

Green tea is touted as a Super Tea, the cure-all for many ailments and conditions.  That sounds fantastic and I would love for that to be true, but as I was always taught, don’t believe everything you read.    Green tea may not be the elixir of health, but it does have some healthful properties that can not be ignored.

Heart Health:   Consuming green tea really does lower your blood pressure.  Researchers think it’s because tea helps relax blood vessels throughout the body.  When your blood vessels are relaxed, the heart has an easier time circulating blood from your toes to your nose.  Now, if you have extremely high blood pressure, a cup of green tea will not bring your PB back to a normal range, it will only drop  a few points off of both the systolic and diastolic pressures.    When it comes to keeping the body’s blood pressure with in a good range, a cup or two of green tea is a great start.

Overall Health:  It may not be green tea’s innate ability that benefits your health, but the fact that by drinking green tea one is not drinking other health degrading beverages.  It is widely know that soda, especially diet soda is laden with chemicals and additives that are not good for the health of our bodies.  Taking soda, and other artificially or naturally sweetened drinks out of our diet, can only benefit our health.  So, next time you are reaching for a beverage, stop and brew yourself a cup of green tea, it’s a win-win situation for your body.

Now that you have decided to steep a cup of green tea, there is one final item that you should be aware of to get the most benefits that you can.  Hot, caffeinated green tea contains the most flavonoids – the compounds that contain green tea’s natural ability to improve heart health.  If you are a decaffeinated tea drinker, then brew your tea twice as strong as the process that decaffeinated tea also destroys the flavonoids.  An iced tea drinker, be sure to brew it fresh, as the flavonoids degrade over time, leaving the last few glasses in the pitcher lacking in those wonderful compounds.  Finally, avoid the sweeteners….  keep your tea away from processed sugars and artificial sweeteners.   If you must add a sweetener, your go to should be honey – unprocessed and loaded with its own amazing health benefits.

We know that green tea has the ability to improve your health, not all of it is scientifically back and studied.  I will happily sit and sip my green tea, enjoying its benefits while I wait for the science to catch up.

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